Ultraviolet Dawn

Ultraviolet Dawn 1.11

2D space trading and shooting


  • Randomly created universes
  • Lots to explore


  • Dying can lose you hours of play!


Ultraviolet Dawn is a Space-shooter and trading game, featuring a huge open universe with lots of stars to explore, Space pirates and upgradable spacecraft.

You can play Ultraviolet Dawn in the style you prefer, there are no set goals or tasks. Space stations dotted around the universe allow you to trade cargo, upgrade your ship and refuel. Out in Space, there are peaceful cargo craft, pirates and more. Pirates will attack you, so you have to either destroy them or run away. You can attack any ship you please, but must keep in mind how powerful your craft is. It's easy to get into a battle you can't win!

The sound in Ultraviolet Dawn is good, although the dramatic soundtrack may not be to everyone's tastes. The graphics are good for a 2D game, with beautiful backgrounds and lots of different ships. The d-pad style controls work quite well, although you'll probably find your thumbs obstructing the action sometimes.

With online scoreboards, Ultraviolet Dawn has a lot to offer the competitive player. The game can be saved whenever you want, which is useful, because if you die you have to start over. The directional controls are easy to handle, but the thrust/steering mode of games like Space Miner feel better.

Ultraviolet Dawn is an interesting mix of shooting and trading, although the game physics could have been more realistic.

Ultraviolet Dawn


Ultraviolet Dawn 1.11

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